About Us

Marc Cantos

I have been keeping and breeding turtles for over 33 years. I can still remember my parents telling me that a backyard pond, and seventeen tanks in my bed room was, "Enough... until you get your own house."

For the past seventeen years I've worked as a breeder and a wholesale distributor specializing in turtles and tortoises. Picking out the highest quality, most attractive animals for myself and my friends has always been the best part of my job. Now selling online, I take pride in delivering the same high standards to my eCustomers. I have found that when someone gets an animal delivered to their door, and it's everything they hoped it would be, that the sound in their voice or the sentiment in their E-mail is the best reward for my own labor of love.

If I've learned anything in my years in the reptile industry it's that each species has it's own particular needs. In both our care sheets and descriptions of our animals we strive to bring that important piece of the puzzle to you so that your turtles and tortoises can provide you with many years of enjoyment.

In addition to my work with turtles and tortoises I have served Florida's Reptile Industry as an elected representative for many years. I have worked with Florida's Fish and Game Commission on turtle issues, and serve on an animal industry council for the Florida Department of Agriculture. I also work on the national level to protect the Reptile Industry.

I work with 21 different species and buy directly from many of our country's best breeders. I feel that this experience has put me in a unique position where I can choose from literally thousands of turtles and tortoises to select the ones that I would want for myself and now, my customers. The mission of The Turtle Source is to bring the best of the best to you.