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Serrated Hinge Backed Tortoises: Kinixys erosa

Category: Rare & Exotic

Experience Level: Advanced Tortoise [?]

Care Sheet: Juvenile Tortoises

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Serrated Hinge-backed tortoises (Kinixys erosa), more commonly called Erosas, are one of the prettiest, rarest and largest of all the Hinge-backed Tortoises - reaching up to 15 inches. Erosas like the heat and humidity and are found along and sometimes in the edges of swamps and other water bodies in west-central Africa from Gambia east to Uganda. It's extra long limbs make it a fine swimmer, and it readily feeds on dead fish and amphibians. We feed ours lots of greens, squash, some vegetables, cactus pads, tortoise diet and cut fish.

Erosas are quickly disappearing in nature due to rapid habitat destruction and collection for food. Some have beautifully contrasting shells and bright yellow heads. Not an easy species to find, or to keep, Erosas are not for beginning keepers. With a fully hinged plastron (bottom shell), a very primitive look, and a reputation for presenting quite a challenge to keep and breed, this is one species that advanced keepers take great pride in working successfully with...

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1: We have two nice breeding size adult pairs of Serrated Hinged-back tortoises: ***Sorry, these tortoises have been ordered***

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2: We have just one very handsome 9 inch male, with excellent coloring and a bright yellow head: ***Sorry this tortoise has been ordered***

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3: We have two very pretty 6 - 7 inch female Erosas: * Sorry, these tortoises have been ordered *

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