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Albino Chinese Softshelled Turtle: Pelodiscus sinensis

Category: Asian Water Turtles


Albinos are as rare as they come in nature & for soft shelled turtles, this is the only species being bred in captivity. Easily the crown jewel of any nice turtle collection, here is one you won't be able to take your eyes off of. Gliding through their tank just like graceful sea turtles, these golden yellow soft shells are an incredible sight. We've raised just a few of these for over a year now - these are not little hatchlings, they are well started young turtles - more than ready to hit the ground running and light up a nice tank... Their set up and care is identical to normally colored Chinese soft shells and follows:

One of the worlds smallest growing soft shells, Chinese soft shelled turtles (adults reach 9 - 10 inches), are very outgoing and adaptable. With their very long necks and huge flipper like feet, they are excellent swimmers and very effective predators. Their diet is mostly carnivorous, eating fish, insects, crustaceans and worms . . . ours readily take cut fish and pellets. A fascinating and yet very simple turtle to keep, give them lots of water, some plastic plants & they're happy.

Chinese soft shelled turtles were once Asia's most common soft shelled turtle - found throughout China, Taiwan and Vietnam, and introduced into Thailand, Japan and Hawaii. Today these turtles have almost disappeared in nature. Collection for Asian food markets and habitat destruction is to blame...Now through careful breeding efforts this species is available for keepers to enjoy.

* Remember, each turtle order comes with a free starter sample of the same Turtle diet your Turtle has been raised on - this will last one small turtle a few weeks - to order larger quantities, see the lower left side of this page. *

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1: We have a nice group of well started hatchling Albino Chinese Soft Shelled Turtles available: **sorry these Turtles have been ordered**

Shipping Size: SMALL

10. Pricing: 1 or more: $395.00/ea.

Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock

2: We have just a few yearling Albino Chinese Soft Shelled Turtles available: * Sorry, These turtles have been ordered.*

Shipping Size: MEDIUM

10. Pricing: 1 or more: $495.00/ea.

Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock

3: We have Two Flawless, 6.5" - 7.5" Four Year Old, Female Albino Chinese Soft Shelled Turtles: * Sorry, these turtles have been ordered *

Shipping Size: LARGE

10. Pricing: 1 or more: $2,495.00/ea.

Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock

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