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Florida Soft Shelled Turtles (5 to 8 inch Pond Size): Apalone ferox

Category: Garden Pond Turtles


We have a small group of our own hatched & hand raised, pellet loving, 5 to 8 inch Florida Soft Shells. Each will liven up any pond with temps of 45 degrees or warmer. We've raised these turtles for 3 - 4 years so that you could put a really cool turtle in your pond...They're fine by themselves, in groups, or with other turtles...Their description and care is the same as for juvenile Florida Soft Shells and follows:

Florida Softshells make very good community turtles. They will often bury in sand with just their head exposed waiting to surprise a fish. They're excellent swimmers and do well in mostly water tanks, with plants and other under water objects. They quickly settle in and will swim about their tanks as much as most fish.

Florida Softshells quickly learn to come to feeding and will liven up any tank. They will take pellets, fish, worms, meat snails and crayfish. Once four to five inches, they also make good pond turtles in summer months or warmer climates.

We have saved the prettiest of our Florida Soft Shelled Turtles for you.

Our juveniles are nicely priced for group set ups.

* Remember, each turtle order comes with a free starter sample of the same Turtle diet your Turtle has been raised on - this will last one small turtle a few weeks - to order larger quantities, see the lower left side of this page. *

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Order Here

1: We have a nice group of hand raised 4"-5" Florida Soft Shelled Turtles available: ***Sorry, these turtles have been ordered***

Shipping Size: MEDIUM

Pricing: 1 or more: $49.95/ea.

Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock

2: We have just a few high colored, 5 - 6 inch hand raised Florida Soft Shells, ready for your pond:

Shipping Size: LARGE

Pricing: 1 or more: $69.95/ea.

Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock

3: We have just 3 handsome, 7 - 8 inch, nicely colored Florida Soft Shelled Turtles - ready for your larger tank or garden pond.

Shipping Size: EXTRA LARGE

Pricing: 1 or more: $79.95/ea.

Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock

4: We have one very nice 10" male Florida Soft Shelled Turtle available:***Sorry, this turtle has been ordered***

Shipping Size: EXTRA LARGE

Pricing: 1 or more: $129.00/ea.

Availability: Temporarily Out of Stock

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