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"My Pink Belly Side Neck arrived in excellent condition! I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful, active , Pink Belly Side Neck turtle. He arrived in excellent condition and is active, alert and curiously checking out his new 180 gallon home with the Blanding . The Blanding doesn’t appear to care one bit that’s there is another, very slightly smaller turtle in the tank . The Pink Belly Side Neck certainly appears to be a very personable turtle , very fun to watch ! Thank you again for such excellent service! "

-, Charles G., Northridge, CA

"Just a note to thank you for my little Western Painted Turtles. They arrived in great shape and are very active and a bit shy. They are loving their new home in the atrium of our home. They will have lots of fish to chase after, warmth from their lights and a big environment to explore. Thank you again! "

-, Marc,

"I just wanted to say thank you so much. My daughter loves her new baby red eared slider. His name is squirt and he is doing well. He is eating and swimming around. He is the cutest thing ever!!! Becky."


"The turtles arrived in EXCELLENT condition. They look even better in person than their pictures. Over many years, I have purchased many turtles; these two sliders (Mexican Ornate and Nicaraguan), Blandings, Pink-Bellied Side necks and every single turtle has arrived is perfect condition and has done well over time. That speaks volumes about your consistently awesome service! Thank you ! "

-Chuck Goodman

"Hi! I am beyond impressed with the quality of the Red Cheek Mud Turtle I got from you guys, he arrived perfect and fast, he began eating right away as well. I am very impressed with your guy's level of customer service. I will be ordering from you guys from now on for all my turtle needs! By the way, thanks for the bag of turtle food you guys included. Thanks, Ethan"


"I have purchased 18 Turtles over the past few months from The Turtle Source. The customer service has been excellent, every Turtle has met or exceeded my expectations, everyone has arrived packaged perfect and in excellent health. "


"Hi Amy, I wanted to thank The Turtle Source once again for providing happy, healthy turtles to us this year! -Karlee "


"Turtle source had a great selection! I ordered my turtle late in the day and my baby turtle arrived next day before 6 pm! Amazing and fast service!!! Great customer service! If you want a pet turtle this is the place to get one!!! Will definitely be using them for all my turtle needs! "


"Last month I purchased a Southern Painted yearling turtle and he has been an awesome addition to our family! Amy from the Turtle Source helped guide me through making sure I had the right turtle for my enclosure and through each step of the process. We had him held for pickup at the UPS hub since I had to work the day that he would arrive and he arrived perfectly alert, healthy and ready to eat, swim and explore! I love that he was sent with a sample of his food so there was no problem with food transition. Thanks Turtle Source! -Melissa from Texas"


"Thank you to Turtle Source for all you are help, I asked a lot of questions before I decided what turtle I want it. Now I have a beautiful orange Mississippi map turtle, thank you for all your help."


"Hi, my name is Sosha and I am very pleased with my yellow bellied slide, Zeus! I purchased Zeus December of 2015 as a hatchling. He was about the size of a silver dollar. I had a 20 gallon tank for him which he has grown out of within the past year. I now have a 54 gallon tank for him. His shell is now 7 inches and he is very healthy. He also seems to have a little bit of his own personality. I can never keep his tank organized with decorations because he likes to move stuff to one side of the tank. Lol I gave up and left it and he seems to love it. Lol I have ordered a Florida Red Bellied Turtle for my 6 year old son today. That one will be going into the 20 gallon tank that I started Zeus in. It feels good to pass on my turtle knowledge to my son for him to have his own turtle now. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since purchasing my first turtle on here. Love this site! Thank you so much Turtle Source! -Sosha"


"I received my red foot & my yellow foot tortoises 9:30 this morning. I was impressed with the packaging. When I opened each container I was thrilled the hatchlings were bigger than I expected ( which I am so thrilled about ) When I took each one out of container they looked healthy happy & ready to see their new habitat.I gave them some of the food that came with them mixed with some greens. They had a good appetite then basked for a while then tunelled under the spagnum moss. Thank you turtle source Those of us new with red foots I suggest THE REDFOOT MANUAL by Mike Pingleton. I read it cover to cover All you need to know. Plus the the Turtle Source has Great info for every tortoise & turtle they have . "


"Received my two red eared sliders today! They're in good health and are really active! I would recommend this website to any one who's looking to buy a turtle! "


"Dear Amy, “La La” arrived safe and sound yesterday. She was RARING to go when I opened her up. She is SO SASSY and fearless.What a beautiful specimen of her kind, exceptional, in my opinion. The quality of these turtles is “out of the ball park”. Before I ordered our first turtle from you, I really tried to research where was the best place to order from would be/to put our trust in. I’m so glad we chose your company! Thank you so much, for these amazing animals! We will call you again, soon I hope! All be well, Wendy and Mark Block "

-Wendy and Mark

"Hi my name is Mark and I ordered a Belize slider from the Turtle Source and it arrived the next day safe and healthy - packaged very well and I received very good customer service -  also I received free food with my turtle and he's sooooooo cool and healthy - I would definitely recommend buying Turtles from the Turtle Source and will continue to buy turtles from there myself - they genuinely care for their animals and it shows - 'can't wait to see what turtle I'll be buying from them next lol - with so many to choose from it won't be easy but I will definitely be buying from them again - loved my  customer  service and couldn't be more happy with my purchase - I really can't say enough good things about the Turtle Source I give them an A+++ 100% - totally worth the price - no doubt about it, TY and Amy your awesome -TY very much for everything you did for me - you're - so nice - you have to be one of there best employees without a doubt - it was a pleasure doing business with you  TY TY TY - best place I've ever "


"My small red foot tortoise arrived this morning alive and alert. Once he warmed up in his new home, he began eating immediately. We were worried about the long trip from Florida to California but he is healthy and we couldn't be more pleased with this purchase. Thanks for a great, smooth transaction."

-Mike & Stephanie

"Hey! Got my Sulcata Tortoise hatchling in this morning and I can't say enough how impressed I am with The Turtle Source Company!! The little guy was eating and enjoying his new home right out of the box. Beautiful tortoise! Can't thank you guys enough for the information, delivery help, and professionalism I was shown. I wanted to send a thanks to Nasha as well. She was a great help!"


"Thank you so much - our turtles arrived healthy and very much alive and waiting to get out"

-, , Alicia and Aaron, Thank you

"I just wanted to thank you guys for the turtles they are great. Sincerely, Billy "

-, Billy, Thank you

"As a biologist and teacher, I only source material, whether plant or animal, from proper producers. The Turtle Source is such a producer. My recent turtles, young Northern Red-Bellies, arrived happy and healthy, immediately becoming 'tank happy'. Everybody loves them. Denise was extremely helpful and wonderful when a delivery glitch developed - not their fault - and all worked out well. Now I am preparing my next tank for some new little turtles...only from The Turtle Source."

-, , Stephen Schuckman,

"Thank you Nasha ! You have been so wonderful! My little tortoise arrived on time and seems healthy. It's a little shy but its in a new place and I'll work on that.Its quite the little explorer though! Thank you so much"

-, Elizabeth Gloyd, Thank you

"My experience with The Turtle Source has been great,they have the best selection. The turtles arrived in great shape and are doing well. Denise was absolutely fantastic. She talked me through all my questions, and has just been a great help to us. She is wonderful all the way around. Thanks Denise! Watch out for the dog! I will be back."

-, Doug Wettstein,



"Thank you for choosing such a beautiful Bolivian Cherry Head Red Foot for me... It's been two days and the tortoise has adjusted quite well. Keep up the great work... looking forward to purchasing another tortoise from you guys soon. "

-, Carlos,

"I could not be happier with my turtles or your service - thank you Turtle Source ! "

-, , , , , , Danny Blakesley, Production Manager, Aggressive Technologies

"My little Quachita Map turtle came today, and I was so impressed with how he was packaged. He was alert and hasn't stopped swimming around the tank. I had ordered before from another turtle place online, and it was a disaster. I did a lot of research, and your name and company always came up. Now I can see why. "

-, Debbie,

"When my husband and I made the tough decision to find a new home for our loved tortoises due to our aging and health issues, we contacted Marc at The Turtle Source for advice. Both Marc and his assistant Denise were so responsive, helpful and compassionate. Reading the testimonials as well as Marcs' credentials convinced me that his facility would be the best place we could send our "babies" and feel confident that they would recieve the same, if not better, care, love and attention that we gave. Marc and Denise guided us through the shipping and handling process and notified us immediately when the tortoises arrived and they followed up with e-mails and photos. My heart was broken but at the same time, I knew without question that we made the right decision and I can rest assured that Marc, Denise and their crew are caring for the tortoises in a way that allows us to rest well in our choice to work with The Turtle Source. "

-, Linda & Martin Kral, Roswell, NM,

"I bought a baby red ear and a baby Florida red bellied from the turtle source and let me say this is an amazing website. They give you all the info to track your turtles during shipping, and the transaction was so easy. The turtles are full of energy and have beautiful colors. I tried getting turtles from another website and they had already got there money and I was still waiting and waiting. I had to canceled my order and get my money back. So I did my research on one of the best website for turtles and I came across the turtle source. Don't buy no where else but here - you won't be dissappointed. Love you guys and thank you for getting my babies to me. Best website hands down!!!! "

-, Francisco Colon,

"We ordered a common snapping turtle and 2 red eared sliders. We have to say they are excellent. Turtle Source is the best company to do business with when it comes to turtles. They were very helpful with anwsering our questions over the phone. We have bought turtles from other sources. They were not as reputable as the Turtle Source. We look forward to ordering more turtles in the future. When you recieve your turtles they are very lively and full of entertainment. Great job Turtle Source !!!!!!!!"

-, John Moore & Porkchop,

"Thanks for the tortoise - everything looks great. I let him warm up in his enclosure before I soaked him - he is currently eating. Thanks for the sticker and the business card I am looking forward to more business in the future and will recommend your site to any of my friends who are looking for a new pet. I will contact you if I have any questions if that is ok. Thanks for everything"

-, Jose Angel Meave,

"I got the 3 fl redbellys today! They are so perfect and healthy- their shell, skin, color, weight, and attentiveness. You guys have captive breeding and raising turtles to an incredible art. I don't know how you all do it, especially with the hundreds of turtles and tortoises you have to take care of and sell! For the past 6 or 7 yrs I've bought turtles from the turtle source, I have never acquired a turtle less than perfect from you and that is not an overstatement! Also, one of the 3 fl redbellys you sent me is very pretty. It's color is very bright and visually noticable. It looks like a hypo and almost like a pastel! Anyhow, i'm going to take great care of the 6 fl redbelly turtles i bought in all. I'll get them to adults quick with pellets, romaine lettuce and a variety of aquatic plants while keeping them in small and medium sized waterland water enclosures! Thank you, Keith "

-, Keith Dorough,

"I wanted to email you confirming the delivery of the turtles. I also wanted to say how impressed I am by not only your turtles, but also your service! The sliders you sent me seem to be the epitome of perfect health and are absolutely gorgeous. It's evident how much you care about not only your turtles but also your customers. Great doing business with you and I will without a doubt be coming back for the next addition to my turtle family... Thank you! "

-, Kyle Hendrickson,

" I want to thank you Marc and everyone at The Turtle Source ! I couldn't be more happier with my turtles, this is pretty awesome, you'll be hearing from me soon and the turtle source exceeded my expectation"

-, NY707,

"Hi, I placed an order about a month ago for 2 (midland painted) and 2 (western Painted) babies. At first the Western Painted weren’t doing too much. Nothing wrong with them actually, they just were sleeping and not eating much…but after about a week or two they began to take shape. They are both very active now and eating like crazy. My Grand kids are home schooled and are raising Mill Worms for them and enjoying learning about them. I have read and watched youtube and am learning too! Thanks for a great company, helpful staff, and wonderful turtles! I love you guys!! Thanks again, Pat "

-, Pat Busjahn,

"These chicken turtles are great.....packing was great .....BUT..(big but)...... The real treat was dealing with DENISE..... This girl is just a delight to work with......YO GIVE THIS KID A RAISE!!!!!....... She can date my son anytime..... "

-, Robert Asseto,

"Excellent service & site, We're very proud of this turtle - the best one yet! :) Our turtle is very happy :)"

-, Ronn & Jess,

"Helllo! I just wanted to email you and add another customer testimonial to your website, because I was extremely pleased with how fast and safe my tortoise was shipped to me. She was shipped in perfect condition and will make a beautiful mail-order bride for my male, Oleg. I named her Olga and I hope they make beautiful babies one day =) I also appreciate the sample of food I received with my order. Thanks so much for Olga! "

-, Tuesday Neuman,

"Thanks, You really know how to treat your customers. I will be doing business with you guys in the near future. Thank you , "

-, william,

"This was my first ever live animal/reptile ordered online or shipped and it went very well. UPS arrived at 10am and the whole house was excited to see the new Belize Slider. She is a beauty, and Elvis the Mississippi Map turtle thinks so too! They are already making friends with no problems. Unfortunately, I have to go back to work tomorrow and can't stay home another day to watch the show. "

-, Zim in Gainesville,

"Marc Cantos of The TURTLE SOURCE, has been an exhibitor at the National Reptile Breeders' Expo for many years and I have never seen him display a reptile that was not 1st class. The majority of turtles I have purchased in the last 5 years have come from Marc and I have been very pleased with both the quality of the turtles, and service I have received."

-, Wayne Hill, Director National Reptile Breeder's Expo

"I've been dealing with Marc from The Turtle Source for close to 20 years now, and I cannot imagine any breeder who could be more honest or have more integrity than Marc. I would not think twice about recommending him to ANYONE who's looking for quality turtles at reasonable prices."

-, Paul Vander Schouw,

"I did business with Marc Cantos of The Turtle Source for many years and many times, he always was a honest stand up business partner no matter selling or buying. His animals always met my standards and arrived properly packed and on time. He knows about his turtles and tortoises, and was willing to answer my questions. He is definitely one of the good guys in the business and I will do business with him anytime or recommend him to anyone."

-, George Ullman, Turtle World USA

"Before I stumbled upon Marc from The Turtle Source, I was paying way too much money for average turtles. When I received my first juvenile NA Wood turtle from Marc, its colors were so vibrant it made my others look like mud. To this day, my turtles from Marc are the prizes of my collection. Marc doesn't sell "junk animals", and unfortunately there are a lot of "junk animals" out there. On another occasion, a full 6 months after receiving a Blandings turtle from Marc, he was ready with full attention to help me with a serious problem that had arisen. Others would have ignored the telephone calls, or told me to take a hike."

-, Ken Sopher,

" I have known Marc at The Turtle Source for many years. He is a true hands-on turtle guy! I have seen his breeding set-ups and find them to be excellent. Marc's breeding success says it all. He has mastered most species he worked with. In today's world of declining turtles and increasing regulations anyone breeding quality turtles to the extent Marc is, should be encouraged. This will help relieve pressure on wild populations, and to continue the availability of these beautiful creatures for future turtle-loving generations! "

-, Bill McCord DVM,

" Everything you read in these testimonials is true! Before recently becoming a customer I emailed Marc for advice on a species he doesn't even offer and I received several different emails from him with insightful advice I could use. So I decided to become a customer and I must say the turtles and service he provides are a cut above! "

-, Tony Savage,

"Dear Marc: This is to let you know that the matamata and the ornate Mexican slider arrived right as scheduled this morning. Both came in great shape; the slider was about as lively a turtle as I have ever seen...the matamata looked as though he expected plusher quarters than a bag, but got sassy as soon as he got into water, promptly inhaling (literally) 8 minnows. Thank you so much for all of your help and advice. You're obviously a person who likes what he does immensely--and you do a really outstanding job of it. I have been looking on the web for turtles off and on for some time. I don't know why I didn't find your web site earlier, but I'm glad to know if it now. I can't think of a single reason to ever go elsewhere for a turtle, and I will most certainly recommend you as the very best in the business. Best, Rich "

-, Richard L. Cifelli, Presidential Professor and Curator, Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

"Marc, I got the turts this morning around 10:30AM and I couldn't have been more happy with the customer service! This is by far the best experience i've ever had ordering something from the internet. Your communication skills are excellent, the turtles were perfect, and you answered every little question I had (on the phone or email). I can't say thank you enough and you can be assured that I will reccomend your company to everyone I know that wants a turtle! Please feel free to post this as a review or a customer testimonial, people need to know how happy I am! :) Thanks again, Chad K. Brown "

-, Chad K. Brown,

"I was unsure about where to purchase my turtles when I started researching. I just knew that I wanted map turtles. I called Marc and he was not only able to give me the information I needed to help my turtles do well but he did it with great customer service! I have recommended Marc to several people and will continue to do so, because he no only knows what he is talking about but he truly cares about the turtles he is sending out to people. Thanks Marc!! "

-, Rachel Walter,

" Hello, I just recently I purchased a high color redfoot tortoise from Marc at The Turtle Source. I have to say "What Service". Marc was very easy to deal with and every single time I had a question (there were many) he always answered fast and with the info I needed. I honestly have never met anyone so willing to help!! I have kept reptiles for years and delt with many people who just wanted to make a sale and be done with it. This is NOT the case with the Turtle Source!! Marc has some of the best looking tutles/tortoises out there and he's willing to help, something that is rare in the reptile industry! If your looking for a great looking turtle/torotise look no further! The Turtle Source is the place to go. I'm loving my redfoot! Thanks Marc for everything! "

-, George Panagos.,

"Having been a biology instructor as well as a reptile breeder and enthusiast for over twenty years, I have had many experiences with breeders and suppliers of animals. I will say, without reservation, that my experience with Marc Cantos of The TURTLE Source has been the best transaction I have had in over two decades. His professionalism, knowledge, willingness to help both before and after the sale, and shipping care and follow-through places him head and shoulders above his competition. Whether an experienced keeeper or a novice just beginning to keep turtles, Marc is the resource you can trust. His turtles are healthy, well-established, and obviously very much cared for. His passion for his animals is keenly apparent and this, I believe, makes the TURTLE SOURCE a company I will recommend for many, many years to come. "

-, Steven Fluty, Biology Instructor

""I've ordered reptiles from Marc at The Turtle Source for over 11 years now. I get a shipment from Marc about every two months or so. I cannot think of a time when I was ever disappointed. Marc has always been tolerant and willing to cater to my shenanigans and eccentricities.

I think it's safe to define the quality of Marc's turtles and the efficiency of the overall business experience with Marc by saying: You will find out, like many others, that Marc delivers quite a "punch" in the turtle industry. I don't think Marc will have any problem "knocking out" the competition." "

-, , Erik Brach, Reptile Manager, Turtle Dork, Author

"All i can say is WOW!!!! Marc anwsered all my questions and was so nice about it and the turtles are great they are so active and look very healthy.Thank you Marc. Will do more business with you very soon. "

-, Joey Robinson,

"A few months ago, I was looking for a Matamata turtle to complete our Amazon exhibit. I searched not only the internet, but other zoos and aquariums as well. Until I found Marc, and The Turtle Source, I wasn't having any good luck. Marc was extremely helpful, not only before and during the purchase, but for well after I received the two turtles! I have never received such great quality animals! They are beautiful and healthy! And, because I was a first-time Matamata owner, his communication was a life saver. Any question I had was answered more quickly than I expected! Thanks Marc for everything! "

-, Tara Lieberg, Aquarist, Great Lakes Aquarium


-, Marcy Jackson,

" My experience with Marc, the owner of The Turtle Source, has made buying a tortoise online easy. I first purchased a high color Red-footed Tortoise back in February. When the tortoise arrived the temp was 28 degrees Faranheit, and I placed the redfoot in his new home. Within five minutes of being out the box, Mango was eating away like nothing ever happened. My next purchase was a nine week old Indian star Tortoise. While researching Star Tortoises, I heard how Stars don't come out of their shell or may not eat until two weeks after entering their enclosure and so on. I wanted to give a Star a try and like clockwork Marc picked up the phone. While on the phone with Marc, we viewed the Star Tortoise selection. After choosing a 1.75 inch Indian Star, she arrived the next morning at ten o'clock. Almost instantly my star was cruising around the 20L and ripping dandilion greens and tortoise chow. It's been a pleasure doing business with Marc. He is always there to answer any questions. "

-, , Dave Hirshberg,

"I've recently purchased a small red footed tortoise from The Turtle Source. I must say that I am truly pleased not only with the customer service that I received but also the high quality and health of my new little tortoise. Marc went the extra mile to make sure that I was completely satisfied. Once you receive a turtle or tortoise from The Turtle Source, you won't want to go anywhere else. Thanks so much. "

-, Katie Flick,

" I am a novice turtle owner and was reluctant to purchase on the internet. However, after reading about others wonderful experiences with Marc-I gave him a shot.He was extremely helpful in aiding me finding an appropriate turtle and answering my millions of questions. Little Sly Croom, a Common Musk turtle arrived today, very healthy, active, hungry, and FEISTY! I have already spent an hour watching him do turtle stuff. He is just gorgeous. Marc, thank you. I recommend Turtle Source to anyone interested in turtles-novice or expert-Marc can help with anything and you can tell he loves his turtles! "

-, Sarah Graves, Psychologist/Novice Turtle Owner

" I have never dealt with a more punctual seller than Turtle Source. Everything was exactly as stated. They are more than helpful if you have any questions about set-up, maitenance, and overall care. Their servicce has put all others I've dealt with to shame. The quality of the turtle was also top-notch, not a single flaw seen. Next time I buy, it will surely be from the Turtle Source. Why waste my time looking for a quality turtle, when I already know where to find them. Buy from them without the worry of a let down upon arrival, knowing you are getting what you paid for. Keep it up guys, you rock!!!!! "

-, Rob K, Massachusetts

"I ordered a red foot tortoise from your company and she arrived in beautiful condition. Marcus followed up immidiately after delivery to check on the toroises arrival. Excellent service, highly recommended and look forward to further purchases in the future.. "

-, Todd Landvik,

"Forget that the animals were perfect , the packaging and handling show a true respect for the animals."

-, Allan Burnett,

"I have known Marc now for many years and raise Turtles myself. It is always a pleasure to talk to him about any problems you might experience in captive breeding. You can see his eyes light up when you talk about some of the species he has produced. He has always been very helpful with recommending small tips on his experience with a special turtle of my interest. I would highly recommend Marc to anyone being a professional or the novice. "

-, Carl A Leibrandt,

"Comments: First time buying a turtle online. And I must admit, I was a little worried at first. After talking to someone from The Turtle Source, I definitely felt more confident. I would definitely recommend my family, friends, pretty much anyone to Marc at The Turtle Source. If I even wanted another turtle at a good price for the best quality, I will definitely come back to Marc. "

-, Gary D., Ohio, Great Service


-, diane gnandt,

"Hello! I got my turtles and they are wonderful! Thank you! You're right, they are very pretty. Hooray! Thanks again so much "

-, Rachel Smith,

"Hi, I just purchased my first turtle from the Turtle Source.Marc answered all my questions quickly. He told me everything I needed to get started. My Razorback musk arrived by 10 am the next day, bright eyed and hungry. In fact the little guy is an eating machine. I totally recommend the Turtle Source and will be purchasing my first tortoise from him. "

-, Christine Blake,

"Comments: I once ordered 2 turtles from a place called turtlesxxxx and they had a bad case of ''soft shell''. They died. Then I ordered tutles from Marc and was very happy with them. This truly is the best place to find healthy beautiful turtles.Keep up the good work!"

-, Cameron,

"Marc at the Turtle Source has been a pleasure to work with. Not only did he help me with choosing and caring for tortoises, but also his honesty and true love for the reptiles is seen through his thorough knowledge. I received my Marginated Tortoise today, on time, as planned, and boy is she beautiful! Active and healthy as guaranteed. I know where to go in the future, not only for turtles and tortoises, but also for any question I need answered. Way to go Turtle Source! "

-, Reilly Noetzel,

"I could not find a dealer in town that could order anything but red eared sliders. I did a lot of research online and decided that TurtleSource seemed like the best site to buy from. The colorful pictures and detailed descriptions help a lot in making a decision. I talked to Marc and he patiently answered my questions. We recieved our turtles today and they are happy and healthy, already swimming around like crazy. We were even given some turtle food in the package to start them off with. I will definitely buy from Turtle Source again and would recommend him to anyone who wants to buy turtles. "

-, Jennifer Rhoades,

"I ordered 2 stinkpots from Marc about a month ago, and I couldn't be more pleased! The customer service is amazing, and the turtles are wonderful.He was very prompt in answering my e-mails and addressing my concerns. We spoke on the phone the day I ordered them, because I shipped to my school since I live at college. He also called me back the next evening because he knew I was at school and wanted to make sure I got them.The shipping is done via overnight UPS, and they arrived at about 9:30 the morning after I ordered them. The confirmation e-mail that I received had a tracking number, and UPS also e-mailed a delivery notification.The turtles themselves were wonderful and active when I recieved them. They have not slowed down a bit, but for the life of them can't seem to catch fish--I suppose persecution is the name of their game. They are amazing, and I can't imagine ordering from anywhere else! "

-, Katie Schultz,

"I just want to tell you that I chose your company not for price or availability, but because of the professionalism shown on your website. Your website left me with the impression that you folks are true breeders, rather than just salespeople. Thanks. "

-, Bill McNamara,

"Subject:: Small Hermanns - just a little update, they are both doing great - one is a little shy the other is very outgoing but put food in the enclosure and they both come running. thank you again for such healthy tortoises the whole family checks them out every time they walk past their enclosure. "

-, Dave Glielmi,

"I was suprised at the unbelievable amount of support they offer for tortoise care. I got a red footed tortoise and i must say it is very beautiful!!! I could not be any happier with the help from turtle source. I might just get my tortoise a friend. "

-, Dutton Webb, First time buyer

"I just purchased two beautiful painted turtles from The Turtle Source. I am blown away at the amazing service that Marc gave me. His love for turtles and his concern for his customer's happiness is apparent in everything he does. He was patient and willing to answer all of my questions and simply went above and beyond in his customer service! This has truly been the best shopping experience I've ever had. I recommend him to everyone! "

-, Tina Holt,

"Marc is probably the best person you can find when it comes to turtles. I was a little unsure of buying online but I took a chance and I am happy with the experience I had here at TS. One thing that really makes Marc stand out is his willingness to put up with an insane amount of questions and not tell you to go consult a book even though we all probably should lol. Either way I received my Rio Grand Slider on Sep. 24th of 2008 it's now Oct. 12th 2008 which is 18 days later and I must say that my new friend that I've happily named Niko is doing very well. I don't know the sex yet and probably wont for quite some time. That aside I also wanted to add that this turtle as far as I can tell is in the best of health and arrived that way, it only took about a week for Niko to warm up to his/her new surroundings to the point of being able to swim aound comfortably and eating missed food from the tank floor. Long story short Marc Cantos of the TS gets a big thumbs up from me. Oh and on a personal note I want to thank him for hand picking my lil baby out of the 20 or so some odd turtles he said he went through to find that right one for me. "

-, Andrew McNamara, Turtle Lover

"It was with great trepidation that I ordered a tortoise online. Anyone can put up a picture and then deliver something else. I ordered a baby Black Greek Tortoise and in the picture it looked really nice. Yesterday it arrived at my door at 10:00 AM and when I opened the box I could not believe my eyes. What a little gem. I called Marc to tell him that all was well and he returned the call in a matter of minuets. Today is Thursday, one day after my little Greek arrived. This morning he was marching around like he was a 500 pound Aldabra and he's half the size of my cell phone. He's eating like it's going out of style. I highly would highly recommend Turtle Source to anyone looking for a quality turtle or tortoise. Thanks Marc "

-, David Brewster,

"This is my first time purchasing from Turtle Source. Wow! Excellent service, beautiful animals, I am so pleased with my new turtles. I will be doing business again through Turtle Source. I am so happy with my purchase. Thank you and God Bless you and Turtle Source. Michael Cazares"

-, Michael Cazares,

" Marc is great! This is the first time I bought from the turtle source. I've had JO-JO (Golden Greek ) for three weeks and he is doing great. He was only ten weeks old when I got him and I was very impressed at how well started he was. The care Marc takes in the packing and shipping is awesome! I would love to buy another Tort from Marc again. He is very helpful. Thanks Marc."

-, Jenifer Rutkowski, Tortoise Lover, Michigan

"Well Marc, even though we have only been doing business in recent months I've got to admit you are definitely the turtle man. Everything from my little golf ball stars to the amazing 100 lb sulcata tortoise, Your always available, always helpful and make things happen that many dealers wouldn't even attempt. I recommend Turtle Source to anyone who wants excellent quality turtles or tortoises from someone who seems to love what he does and will go out of his way to make a customer happy. Thanks Marc. "

-, Lisa McNair,

"Marc is a very nice guy and was very willing to answer all of my questions by phone and email. He knows his stuff and his prices are very fair when compared to other places. I bought an Indian Star tortoise from him and I'm very pleased with the tortoise. I would recommend the Turtle Source to anyone who is looking to add a turtle, or tortoise to their home."

-Jeremy Deville

"I was very interested in the spotted pond turtles and wanted as much information as I could find! Marc was more than helpful. I was able to visit his facility and pick my turtle out in person. I couldn't be happier. all of the turtles there are beautiful and extremely well cared for! Can't wait to see you next week Marc - looking forward to picking out my yellow blotch map!"

-Ryan George

"Marc, LOVE my turtles!!! Thank you so much for making this so easy to order them. Here are a couple of pictures of them in their homemade tank. Thanks -Cherece- "

-Cherece Reed

"Marc made my turtle experience unforgettable. He really cares about his turtles and works hard to get the turtle to you. I've had to deal with horrible weather conditions, yet Marc made sure the they got to me asap. Great communication and knows his turtles real well. I definitely recommend him to anyone. He's the best guy you can get turtles from. "

-John Zhou

"Turtle Source has exceeded my expectations! Our turtle arrived on schedule, well packaged, beautiful, healthy, and lively. Marc replied to my email regarding care even after the sale was complete. Customer service still exists! I am so pleased with this transaction, and I will be sure to recommend Turtle Source to friends. Thanks again Marc! "

-Heidi L.

"The turtle source delivers an excelent product coupled with great customer service. A customer can't ask for more than that. "

-Andrew McIntyre

" Hey, We picked up our two Baby Snapping Turtles & Red Footed Tortoise today. They were better than expected. We are so pleased with them, the Red Footed Tortoise is eating like a champ all ready. I was very surprised with how well they packed. It was around 30 degrees and I do not think it fazed the turtles at all. Marc Cantos is a very good guy, Great Doing Business With You! "

-Cody & April

" Marcus, you are the best! Thanks for helping us, and answering all our questions. Thank you! "


""First I want to say, THANK YOU!!! The African Sideneck turtle arrived on time and most important ALIVE!! Great communication with Marc and an understanding of what I was looking for. The little guy was packed with a hot pack which indicated to me Marc was concerned about the turtles health. I've bought from other sites that did not add that extra care. Also packed with him was a good amount of dried turtle pellets. Again, something I did not get from other internet sellers. I will only do business with THE TURTLE SOURCE in the future. Great job!! Thank you again!!!" "

-Todd Fisher

"Marc, I couldn't be happier with the entire experience with your team. I was most impressed with the interest you showed when selecting the proper diet for our new family member. I'm tickled beyond belief the condition and disposition of our turtle. He's doing great and so are we, THANK YOU! "

-John G.

"Marc Cantos is a great person to do business with. I must have e-mailed him 15 times. He answered every question I had. He helped to deside which tortoises would be best for me. Needless to say I have been very happy with my little Hermanns. I got them last year in May and they have almost doubled in size. They come running (yes I said running) when they see me with the food. Marc is the best on the internet. I checked with all the others before I found him. No one even comes close! "

-Barbara Vidrine, First time owner of tortoises

"I could not be happier with the turtles i received from you. i ordered 2 yellow mud turtles and 2 pink belly side necks i found them cheaper other places but its true you get what you pay for - they're worth every penny - just wanted to say thanks. "

-Kathy gambrel

"My Russian Tortoise arrived this morning. What a beauty! I've had an excellent experience dealing with Marc at The Turtle Source. My questions were answered VERY quickly, and my new pet arrived at the time that was promised, unharmed and healthy. All of my turtle loving friends know about The Turtle Source and what great experience I had. I can't say enough good things about the company. Thank You Marc, for everything. "

- Autumn Rose

"I could not have asked for a better experience! I am so happy! Marc is very knowledgeable and takes time to help you personally. I am very pleased with my Southern Painted turtle, he is beautiful & everything I was hoping for!! The time and effort put into packaging my little guy was excellent as well. I look forward to recommending The Turtle Source to my friends and doing business with them again in the future! "

-Sarah Rains, Towson, Maryland

"We got exactly what we wanted. Our turtle was healthy and is doing great. I wouldn't buy from anyone else. "

-Dave G

"" I purchased two Mississippi Maps from Marc and I could not be more pleased. The delivery was on time, his help with choosing a turtle was great as was his expertise in answering my many questions. He made me feel like family". Thank you Marc. "

-John Varas

"I did not recieve the tortoise when it got to my house, because I was in school. My dad recieved the tortoise before 10:30, on schedule, no problems, and he said the (14 week old) hermann's tortoise was very active right when he got him out of the nicely packed packaging, complete with a heat pad. Right now, the tortoise is in his hideout, underneath some sphagnum moss. I have to say, I am very pleased with Marc and his turtles and tortoises!!! Thanks, Marc! "

-Chris H., regular tortoise keeper

"At first I thought the process of importing tortoises into Hawaii was intimidating. Actually, it's not and in fact just adds fun and mystique to the whole experience. Marcus was instrumental in not only helping out with questions I had but also provided photos of only his best tortoises. I remember opening my UPS box and seeing two little faces smiling up at me. It's obvious that a lot of love went into raising them, especially with how healthy, vividly colored and active my tortoises were. Thank you Marcus for not only simplifying the whole process for my beer nut of a brain, but also making a lightning fast delivery to my doorstep! Aloha and Mahalo Turtle Source! "

-Eric Alcantara

"Hey! I received the turtle's yesterday - the turtles appearance far exceeded any of my expectations. They are gorgeous! I really appreciate your help and the time you have spent. I definitely will put together another order soon. Thanks again - u guys are great. Will be in touch, "

-Peter Cole

"Marc, I got my turtle this morning and she is in great condition and she was very active and moving around. I think this is the best website for any turtle lovers to order from you get great customer service and a speedy delivery.I would like to say thanks for the service and I will do business with you again real soon. "

-Tim F.

"This was the first time I ever ordered a living creature through the internet. I couldn't believe how smooth it went and how my little tortise was so well taken care of before he left to be shipped to me. He was warm and in good health. I will always go to Marc for any future tortoise's. He also spoke with me on the phone in length to explain the best way to take care of our little Bella. I would recommend him to anyone."

-T Cohen

"Marc, I am in receipt of my Russian tortoise shipment. To say I am pleased would be an understatement! You have a customer for life! The turtles are beautiful -all four of them - and they look better than the two I already have. Again, I am very pleased with my tortoises and look forward to our future business together...once I expand my pen. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. "

-Phil Greifeld

"I just received my turtles on time as promised - the turtles are in perfect condition, I can't find a flaw on them. I must admit I was skeptical at first being my first time ordering online, but theturtlesource is the truth. I look forward to doing business with theturtlesource in the near future. Thank-you for doing business with integrity and having high standards of quality - you have gained my trust thank-you. "

-Omari Moore

"Just wanted to let you guys know that the tortoise arrived safely this morning, right on time. She is absolutely beautiful and much more robust than I anticipated. I gave her a good soak once I removed her from the box (very well-packed) and introduced her to her new enclosure. She's slowly settling in and, understandably, isn't hungry this first day. Thank you so much for a very comfortable purchase and a beautiful tortoise. "

-Tom Laursen

"Sorry if this is a little late. Thank you for the wonderful turtles. I have to say that,after buying from many other places over the years, that you have the most vibrant colored and healthy turtles I have ever seen. Thanks again, Best Regards, Shawn "

-Shawn T.

" I received the 12 week old sulcata this morning. It is an outstanding specimen . I will highly recommend Marc to all my friends and associates."


"I Just got the turtles 2 hours ago & I couldn't have been more pleased with them. They are so precious and appear to be very healthy. I owned a very special painted turtle I found in a stream many years ago & I hope to give to my girls the same wonderful experience. I will definitely be using your company again in the future and will recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for a quality turtle. "

-Alicia Stallings

" It's been almost two months since I received the two Midland painted turtles from Marc. They are the friendliest and healthiest turtles I have ever seen. Marc is a hands on guy and is very helpful with any questions you might have about turtle husbandry. I would recommend him to anyone."

-Evelyn B.

" Quite simply put, The Turtle Source provided me with one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. Marcus and Felicia provided 5 star service before, and more importantly after the sale. I was so satisfied, I purchased a Sulcata Tortoise one week after I received my Russian Tortoise. Thanks for the wonderful experiences. "

-The Mitchell family in NJ

"Wow! I've been raising turtles for 12 years and been obsessed with them since I learned how to read and look at pictures of them. This turtle you sent me (High Orange Florida Soft-Shell) is the most beautiful creature, besides my wife, I have ever seen! Thank you so much!"

- Stuart Arndt

"Hi i got a west African side neck turtle i talked to Marc at length about how to care for her properly he he was more then happy to answer all my many questions my turtle arrived at 10:30am in perfect condition when i put her in her tank she started right away checking out every inch and has already been on her turtle dock . she was packed with such care you can tell Marc really cares about his turtles trust me you will not regret getting a turtle from Marc he is so awesome "


"I recently purchased a black greek tortoise and couldn't be happier. The tortoise is beautiful and very active. This is my first tortoise and The Turtle Source was very helpful with any and all questions that I had. I don't think I would consider ordering from anywhere else. "

-Joseph Sweeney

"I purchased a Peninsula Cooter from and was very pleased. The turtle is healthy and very active. The services provided were grade A+ on all levels. I will only purchase turtles from "

-Dzcharter ( 10 year turtle owner)

"The little guy made it early morning yesterday and seems to be settling in just fine. he was grazing on lettuce and even had a heartily dinner. He has done lots of exploring and seems to be getting used to us already! Thanks again for all your help and I'm so pleased with you and your company! I will keep and touch and let you know if I have any questions! many thanks!"

-Cassondra M

"I just wanted to tell you that we got the turtle this morning at it was great! he is beautiful and is enjoying his new tank that I set up for him. his is so cute and I wanted to say thank you for the food as well. He ate right away and looks healthy. You guys are the best and I hope to buy more turtles form you guys. Thanks again."

-Stephen B

"The tortoise has arrived! I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw the UPS truck. Christmas came early! He arrived safe and sound with no problems at all. I would like to thank both of you for answering all of my questions and dealing with them for the past week. I truly appreciate all of your help. "

-Alec Carresse, Another Satisfied Customer

"Once again Marc, a quality turtle as expected. I will definitely keep my business going with the Turtle Source as you guys offer high quality and healthy turtles. My Florida Snapper has amazing color and a great active response, as he is already exploring and even eating after being in his new tank on his first day. I wouldn't hesitate again to skip the pet store and go straight to you guys for my next purchase."

-Anil, Satisfied Customer

"“Felicia / Marc ; My little 'Albino' made a grand entrance yesterday morning; when the package arrived, I was transported back to a childhood moment on Christmas morning."Thank You" just doesn't seem sufficient. I don't get "excited" about too many things anymore, but I am. The little heathen started eating just minutes after he/she hit the water, & within a few hours was "sunning" out under the Heat-lamp with his amigos. ( pics enclosed ) No fear, not excitable like some; he is truly a magnificent specimen. You folks fulfilled one of my life-long expectations. P.S. - And thanks for the call / shows me that there are still some people out in the world, "who care" Thank You "

-, Dan,

"We just recently purchased our Ouachita Map Turtle from The Turtle Source and are very glad we did. Even from all away across the country, their price was still the best. Our little buddy came directly on time and is in great shape, swimming around and exploring. Everything from the care sheets, complimentary turtle food, and service was friendly and extremely helpful. This is our first turtle and we're very much looking forward to a long relationship with our little buddy. Thank you Turtle Source for offering such a pleasant and affordable turtle experience! "

-Ian & YoungJeen

"Just wanted to let you know my Florida Snapper arrived safely today. He is absolutely adorable and I'm totally thrilled. Thank you so much for packing him so nicely and securely and getting him here so efficiently. I love your website--a wealth of information, great pics, and so easy to shop from! I have my eye on another turtle, so you will probably be hearing from me in the future. Thanks again and take care"

-, Sherrie Burnett,

"First class website. My Leopard Tortoises arrived in perfect shape. I could not have picked out anymore beautiful tortoises than if I would have picked them myself. Thank You So Much. Norma Beene"

-Norma Beene, New Leopard Tortoise Keeper

"Hi turtle source. I just wanted to say I recently purchased a wide stripe southern painted baby turtle from you guys and he's awesome. So much energy and he's eating perfect. I bought two turtles before from you guys two years ago and they're the happiest turtles swimming around my tank. Just wanna say you guys are doing a great job and can't wait for you guys to restock on the high colored southern painted turtles cause I will be buying one. Thanks again turtle source!!! "

-Francisco Colon

"Thank you Turtle Source for my healthy active turtles Peninsula Cooter, Mississippi Map and Eastern Painted turtle. You guys rock!! Even though the weather kept delaying shipping which was not the turtle source's fault it was totally worth the wait. You guys got a customer for life and I would highly recommend you guys to everyone I know. Thanks again, Albert H "

-, Albert H,

"I searched several web sites and went with The Turtle Source because of their reputation shown all over the web. I was not let down in the slightest. Although there was a slight mix up within my order, it was made right the very next day. They are extremely helpful and courteous. My new turtles arrived exactly when they said they would - very securely in their containers with no issues whatsoever!!! I applaud the people at The Turtle Source. Exceeding customer expectations is a rarity these days, but you delivered completely without issue. My Granddaughter is now able to learn about her favorite animal and will grow up with them as well. She loves these little turtles and watches them for hours already. That means the world to me! Thank you for all you have done and believe me, You have a customer for life! Thank you again from the top to the bottom of our hearts! Bob and Alaina ‘Bert’"

-Bob and Alaina ‘Bert’

"Hello! I just wanted to send you a photo of my 8 month old snapper baby I bought from you guys the size of a quarter, he's getting so big and is very happy and healthy :) thanks so much for givin me such a great baby!!! "

-Jason Munion

"I received my package the next day and my daughter had just got off the bus and the turtles were for her birthday she got to open it and was so thrilled and excited when she found 2 turtles inside. The packaging was amazing! Especially compared to other websites. Before buying i looked up turtle source reviews and a couple other sites. I heard nothing but good reviews about the turtle source. When we got the turtles out they were EXTREMELY active right away. She got a peninsula cooter and a red eared slider. They look very healthy and so beautiful and are doing great so far. I cant wait to make future purchases through the turtle source. And lets not forget unlike other companies they send a bag of turtle food for FREE! cant say enough good things about this website"


" Just wanted to say thanks Turtle Source! Your staff was very helpful, they answered ALL of my questions and last but not least, thank you for the Florida Red belly I received. He's very healthy and his colors are worth a thousand words. I bought a Florida snapper 5 years ago and was satisfied and can say the same today. Great company and would openly recommend you to anyone wanting to buy turtles online. "

-Anil R

"I have quite a few live kinosternid turtles, used mostly for research, and many have come from Marc and the Turtle Source. I just purchased a hatchling Claudius angustatus (Narrow Bridged Musk Turtle) from Marc. It was in perfect condition when it arrived, and was eating pellets 10 minutes out of the shipping container. It is now the pride of our kinosternid collection, and we have live Kinosternon alamosae! Thanks to Marc and the Turtle Source for helping to fill the needs of turtle enthusiasts without depleting wild turtle populations! "

-, Jim B., Professor, Department of Biology

"I recently purchased two three striped mud turtles from the turtle source and I wanted to share my positive experience. I was hesitant to purchase a live animal online and was worried about the shipping. I made my purchase thursday afternoon and recieved my package of live turtles the next morning. I was shocked by the turnaround. When my package arrived it was in great shape, well packed and my turtles were in perfect health. I let the turtles relax for a half hour or so before putting them in their new home. They perked up quick and were in perfect health. Thanks Turtle Source"

-Arturo Garcia, Review of The Turtle Source

"Not only does this place have amazing customer service, but amazing Turtle-Service as well! Thank-u SO much! It's nice to finally find a place that operates out of love, not greed. Little guy arrived safe & sound & on-time! :) When i first looked at this site, i could just tell it was a place with heart with people that really cared. Pleased to see he is already used to getting the best of the best & was just as spoiled as i expected him to be! I'm sure if he could speak, he would say, "Turtle-mansion with my favorite salad, cookie-snacks & my daily massage, please!" Bottom Line: You can tell this place REALLY loves their turtles!!! "